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Having doubts about Cruise Vacations?  Check if you are trapped in these most common misconceptions about cruising!

June 29, 2021

Are you toying with an idea of cruising, but something is holding you back? You hear people rave about their cruise vacation and think: “sounds great… but this is probably not for me…”. Have you pictured yourself in a romantic, exciting, adventurous sea voyage, but dismiss its possibility on the grounds that it isn’t “realistic expectations”?

All frequent cruisers once took that First One. I did. I remember how perception-changing it was from day one, and how enjoyable my time on the ship was - a feeling of complete, unexpected, but pleasant surprise. I went on several cruises since and am hoping for another one soon.

People new to the idea of cruising – as I once was too – often deliberate almost identical sets of issues they perceive as potential “deal breakers”. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about going on a cruise vacation:

Misconception#1: “I don’t want to be stuck on a boat with a ton of people.”

Modern cruise ships have a wide range of passenger capacity, style, and size. Cruise lines also have different options for just how secluded or luxurious you wish your onboard environment to be. Some itineraries and vessels are geared toward relaxation, comfort, quiet, some are perfect for your adventurous side, while others hold the titles of best family vacation destinations.

Even on largest ships there is no rush or pressure to be in the crowd. Remember, it is YOUR time, and YOUR vacation, and cruise lines also acknowledge that fact. They are there to make YOUR time best spent on YOU.

Misconception#2: “I want to travel with my family, but cruising isn’t for every age/need in my group.”

There is something for everyone. For babies, kids, teens, young couples, adults of all ages, special needs passengers – there is always a place to be, things to do, or to simply relax. Cruise ships offer daycare, accessibility, teen lounges, night clubs, book clubs, entertainment, food options and much more – all included in the fare. You will wish you had as many days at sea, as at ports of call during your voyage!

Misconception#3: “I will get seasick.”

Some of the ships are so large, you can only tell they are moving by checking out the view. The cruise ships are also equipped with the best navigational and weather equipment and will do their top best to avoid any possibility of rough weather at all. River cruises are even better suited for those who have motion sickness concerns. Your travel agent may recommend itineraries and ships best suited to accommodate your comfort levels.

Misconception#4: “It’s for retired people.”

There are so many ships, itineraries, and onboard activities to choose from! And the voyages are designed to accommodate all ages, including younger adventurous explorers, people enjoying their golden years, romantic couples, and active groups and individuals. Many cruise lines also offer weddings at sea, or destination wedding packages.

Misconception#5: “I will get bored.”


With daily schedules of onboard activities jam-packed with choices for all tastes, and shore excursions at fabulous destinations, boredom is a hard thing to come by on a cruise ship. Start your day at a gym or with a yoga instructor, continue to an amazing cultural tour/experience, finish off with a dinner and dancing, or spend the WHOLE day by the pool – the choices are yours, and your days will be anything but boring. If in doubt – ask your travel agent to hand-pick activities and recommend shore excursions that best fit your interests and abilities.

Misconception#6: “What if I get sick onboard?!”

Everyone in travel industry these days takes all health concerns with extreme seriousness. For the current sailings, vaccination records and pre-departure Covid tests are/may be required of all passengers, and especially crew. Much attention is spent on making the ships safe and immaculately cleaned. Modern cruise ships are equipped with full range medical facilities and staff, able to treat minor issues as well as major health emergencies. Travel agent may also recommend a travel protection and insurance plan to cover for additional issues.

When it comes to vacations, cruising also presents many unique additional benefits:

- Seamless, worry-free experience that can include virtually all your traveling requirements such as airfare, cruise tours with added nights at departure or arrival destinations, shore excursions, meals, childcare, and entertainment.

- Unpack only once yet travel to many places.

- Competitive in price with doing land-only, one hotel/one place vacations.

If you are still uncertain about cruising, a Travel Agent’s knowledge and expertise in the industry is greatly beneficial to making YOUR time spent vacationing best that it can be. An experienced professional can help you realize full potential of your itinerary, expertly tailor your trip to suit your needs, help with excursions selection, provide useful tips and guide you to what is included with your cruise price. A Travel Agent also “has your back”. They have direct feed and updates from their booking partners and can act quickly to make changes to your plans, should things suddenly come up. They have YOUR best interests and safety in mind.

As your travel agent, I am here to help making your new cruise into your best voyage yet!