Life is a Journey.    Decisions are Roads.     Pick Your Roads. 

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Let's get to know each other!

My name is Oksana. 

I have true passion for exploring the world and sharing it with others. I also have great personal experience, and focus on travel logistics and details/itinerary planning. So much so, that I became a Travel Agent, and hold expert level certificates of training in destinations for which I offer my planning services. 
I travelled extensively in Europe, the Caribbean, within the United States, and visited the major cities, landmarks, and hidden gems of the world.  I am always on a lookout for the next travel 

My personal travel experiences and style range from solitude of backpacking - to romantic couple's luxury, adventurous explorations, ski getaways at breathtaking locations, historically and culturally enriching journeys, and family vacations. One of my favorite family vacation spot is Walt Disney World, where I took my kids on several occasions - most recently in April 2021. 

I guess you might say -- I'm all over the World, when it comes to travel.

Among other means of a journey, I believe cruising provides for fantastic, stylish, personalized and a no-hassle world exploration. I have visited an estimated 30 ports of calls in the past, and am looking forward to future cruising.

The world is changing and adapting - so is the travel industry. Many new health and safety concerns are addressed, new protocols are established and diligently followed for protection and safety of the traveling guests. 

As your Vacation Specialist, I will focus on finding the best itineraries and activity choices for your travel style and needs.
I can help you with making your dream vacation a worry-free, cherished, and memorable experience!

Memories are the greatest souvenirs. 

Vacation memories create the best connections that transcend generations. The bonds are formed over a shared experience. When I plan a trip, my goal is that it goes on seamless, with everyone enjoying the time and adventure they all are looking forward to - including the "It" person in the group. You know the one: delegated  unanimously by some a secret vote to be in charge of everything. 

Of course, not all adventures are to be shared. Some are to be relished in solitude, relaxation, or personal growth and immersion in culture and new discoveries.  Whatever your style defines - there are incredible choices of destinations and activities to make your time the best time you've ever had on vacation.